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If you’ve used Sweet Bee Magic and Wand, V-Magic or Ultra Beauty Balm, then you know they have wondrous healing properties. However, you may not know about the secret ingredient, Melexylem which does so much of the healing magic.

Melexylem is the trademarked blend of propolis and honey found only in Medicine Mama’s products.  Pronounced Mel-e-z-eye-lem, this unique compound of not just any propolis and honey, but propolis and honey harvested from deep ancient forests, where the healing enzymatic action of these raw materials are several times more potent than in typical commercial blossom honey and propolis.

The process starts with these ancient trees, their skin (bark) being the strongest skin of all organisms. The trees turn every environmental challenge, be it abrasions, insects or the rugged elements, into a catalyst to build a stronger immune system and healthier skin through cell reproduction and their healing resin. It’s in this resin, that the trees exude to heal and protect their skin, and is so full of defensive enzymes, prebiotic sugars, bio-flavonoids and polyphenols that the Melexylem miracle begins.

Our friend, the defensive enzyme, is beginning it’s long journey to your epidermis with that first transport from the tree resin to Honeydew Aphids. As the aphids feast on that resin, they excrete a very strong sugar compound.  It’s intense enzymatic action is processed through these aphids and left to be consumed by the forest bees.  The defensive enzymes from the resin get to travel from the tree, to an aphid, and into the cozy buzzing belly of the forest honey bee, to her hive, where she has plans for it.  

Inside the beehive, the defensive enzyme is developed into a couple amazing products - honeydew honey, and a sticky waxy substance called propolis.  The propolis is a potent antimicrobial used by bees to seal the hive, patch holes and mend honey combs.  The bees will  sometimes use propolis to create a stronger space where bee’s do their “dance” (telling other bees where to look for sweet things) to help keep the honeycomb from breaking under their dancing feet.

These raw materials and their defensive enzymes are brought to our apothecary, processed meticulously and cured for 28 days when it becomes the healing Melexylem that is churned into our healing balms.  The delicate process inspired by our friends, the bees, culminate in our beautiful products that help your epidermis become stronger, healthier and “bee” approved.

The harvest of these unique and fully loaded bee products make Melexylem the most bio-active, healing and nutritive balm for your skin.  The defensive enzymes have traveled so far and helped so many carriers - from the tree, to the aphid, to the bees, and finally to you. Think of this enzyme as a mountain climber, with it’s backpack full of prebiotic sugars, bio-flavonoids, and polyphenols to keep your skin cells active and full of youth.  From raw resin to the refined Melexylem, this little hiker has everything it needs to keep your skin whole, well, and rejuvenated over and over again.

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  • Mandy - December 30, 2014

    very interesting!

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