Moisturizing Olive Oil

The hive products work best when they have a delivery system that helps them absorb into the skin. Throughout history, many cultures ranging from the Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks, Indians and Chinese all used a mixture of honey and animal fat as a preferred healing salve. For our recipe, we have substituted this ancient formula with a different kind of fat, olive oil. Out of all the oils, olive oil is the most similar to human sebum, making it the easiest for the body to absorb through the skin, taking the rest of our ingredients and nutrients with it.

In addition to carrying the hive ingredients to the skin, olive oil is an amazing source of moisture and nutrients in its own right. It is an ideal moisturizer since it penetrates deep into the skin while also creating a porous protective film. This breathability is key since it will not clog up the skin like petroleum products do.

High vitamin E and antioxidant content and will assist in repairing cells while also preventing cell damage by neutralizing the free radicals that cause skin aging and skin cancer. Olive oil also contain the compound linoileic acid, which helps prevent water from evaporating which helps skin naturally retain its moisture.

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