Be really good at 1 thing (Okay, 3 Things!)…

Be Natural. Be Healthy. Be Beautiful.

Thank you to everyone who responded so thoughtfully and passionately to our survey. Congratulations to the survey winners Susan and Audra, we hope you’re enjoying your $200 goodie boxes from Medicine Mama’s!

We asked and you answered.

Medicine Mama’s Apothecary is your committed partner in meeting all of your beauty and skin care needs. We want you to experience the biggest benefits from using our products and feel great about coming back to us again and again. This is your naturally beautiful skin community. We are YOUR people!

Here’s a snapshot of what we learned from you:

      1. Anti-aging, moisturizing, and sensitive skin issues top the list of your skin care concerns. In addition, hyperpigmentation, redness, and uneven skin tone are issues for many of you.

        Our Promise: We’ll continue to develop products that guarantee you experiencing relief from your skin ailments.

      2. You appreciate our transparency regarding the ingredients we use. You would like detailed information on how our products work and why they are so good for you (partly so you can share the great news with your friends!).

        Our Promise: We are currently working on revising our product pages to give you more of the information you want about our uncompromisingly natural, yet effective quality ingredients.

      3. Organic, no GMOs, cruelty-free, and good for the planet are product features that are important to you.

        Our Promise:
        This is a hallmark of our product line. We will never compromise our integrity or the all natural, organic and cruelty-free nature of our ingredients.

      4. Customer reviews and samples help you make your purchasing decisions.

        Our Promise:
        We love reading and posting product reviews, so please keep sharing yours on our website and facebook fan page! We will continue to include generous product samples in every shipment to introduce you to items you may want to tr or share with friends. Of course, will always give a complete refund if you are not happy with the products you’ve chosen.

      5. You appreciate the value our products provide – AND you would like to be given more reasons to buy directly from

        Our Promise:
        We realize that some people will always prefer to review all of the great benefits our products offer and then potentially go to Amazon or other places to buy for a few cents less. In order to keep our business healthy and have the ability to continue creating innovative products, we invite you to buy directly from The Apothecary website. To give you more reasons to do so, we are increasing free gifts, deeper discounts and more generous offers as our thank you to our DIRECT customers.

      We will continue to review the survey responses and find ways to incorporate the things that matter to you most: customer loyalty incentives, auto-refill programs, healthy living content, giving-back initiatives, lifestyle, new product suggestions…and more.

      For starters, we just launched our biggest customer incentive sale EVER!

      We’re prepared to give you what you want often and delight you even more!

      Be Natural. Be Healthy. Be Beautiful.


      If you are or know someone who is a beauty blogger, please message us at We have a mission for a few bloggers: Use our Best Seller and spread the good word! 

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