The Tao of a Stress-Free Holiday Season

The Tao of a Stress-Free Holiday Season

With Halloween spirited away, Thanksgiving can’t be far behind. And then it is a mere hop, skip and a jump to the full-on holiday season. When most of the natural world is winding down for a long winter’s nap, we humans are gearing up for a marathon of entertaining, party going, recitals, gift buying, decorating, cooking and baking, cleaning and traveling…

All of this activity can be great fun, but it can also be stressful and exhausting. As always, the Medicine Mama’s way is to look to nature for answers. So, we ask, what would the bees do?

Some bee species hibernate in winter, but honey bees do not. They do, however, stop working, slow down and connect in a fascinating manner.

The honey bee’s winter survival depends on their ability to stay warm. Just like we move indoors and rely on canned food this time of year, once the worker bees can no longer forage, they congregate in their colony and rely on honey stores for energy until spring. They huddle together forming a cluster around the queen and her brood. At first, they feed judiciously on the honey to keep warm. Then, they shiver to raise their body temperatures and act as insulation. As the ambient temperature rises and falls, the bees adjust by separating and moving closer together to create air flow as needed. When the bees on the outside get cold, they move to the center and other bees take a turn on the outside of the cluster.

What can we learn from this? Here is a little bee wisdom to carry you through the winter.
  1. Simplify. Winter is a time to slow down and focus on the essentials. Overcommitting leaves us depleted and vulnerable to illness. It is okay to say no to at least some of the many requests for your time and energy.
  1. Stay nourished. Go easy on the treats. Eat the foods that keep you healthy and strong. (That way, when you do indulge a bit, you have all the satisfaction and none of the guilt.)

  2. Stick together. Unlike honey bees, we tend to hunker down in our own spaces. This time of year, connect with your neighbors, especially those who are older or alone. We really are all in this together.

  3. Spoil yourself. This is the season of giving, and it is okay to give to yourself, too. Take the time to do something you enjoy, just for you. Need a suggestion… how about a relaxing bath with these simple DIY bath balls.

Here at The Apothecary, we’re making a few changes to be more like the bees. We are simplifying so we can stick to the basics of organic and effective skincare.

In this simplification, we are shifting our “Free Shipping” policy effective immediately.

Shipping is still free on orders that total $39 and higher; orders under $39 will be charged a flat rate of $6.50 for shipping and handling.

Also, through the end of the year all orders $39 and more will automatically receive a Free Sweet Bee Magic Wand (MSRP: $12.00).

Learn more about our new Free Shipping Policy.

As your partner in naturally beautiful skin, we are committed to giving you more reasons to buy direct (and meet that $39 threshold) with deep discounts and more generous offers and gifts as our thank you.

Which brings us to our last bit of bee wisdom…to kick back and relax. Later this month, we are going to help simplify ALL of your holiday gift-giving!

Stay tuned for our Black-Friday/Cyber-Monday sale that will go easy on your wallet AND delight and surprise everyone on your list.

No hype, just uncompromising pure skin care that heals and reveals beautiful healthy skin, regardless of their sensitivities, age, or complications.

The holidays can be stressful; sharing the spirit of the season should be easy.


Be Natural. Be Healthy. Be Beautiful.

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