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Join the Medicine Mama’s Ambassador Program

In a nutshell, our Ambassador program enables members to earn revenue by placing a link to our products on their website which advertises Medicine Mama’s products. It’s free & easy, and all first sales made by customers after clicking the link make YOU money!

What is an ambassador program, anyways?

An ambassador program, also called an affiliate or “refer a friend” program, is an arrangement by which an online merchant (such as Medicine Mama’s) pays ambassador websites (you!) to send customers to Medicine Mama’s online store.

How do I direct people to Medicine Mama’s website?

It so easy! The ambassador (you) creates some content on their website to entice readers to purchase Medicine Mama’s products (write a review of our products, talk about the benefits of organic skincare, etc.), and adds a custom link – which we’ll provide you with – at the end for your readers to click. When one of your readers makes a purchase on our website within 25 days of clicking your link, the transaction shows up in your Ambassador dashboard, and you make money!

But what if I don’t have a website?

No website – no problem! Simply include the custom link in emails to friends and family, post it Facebook or Twitter, your favorite forum, or anywhere else you think people might see it. No matter where you post our link, any purchases made by people who clicked on it will be attributed to you.

Lets Talk Money!

Medicine Mama’s Ambassador program is “pay-per-sale,” which means that every time we pay you 15% of the total amount of all transactions made by your readers. This means that, every time one of your readers completes a purchase (it has to be through the link though – otherwise we have no way of tracking it back to you) on our website, the transaction appears in your Ambassador dashboard, as well as under your account on our end, along with the total amount we owe you. We use your Paypal account on the first of every month to automatically send you all the money you’ve earned!

Who should apply for the ambassador program?

Our ambassador program works best for anyone who is naturally interested in organic health & beauty products, because, not only are you more likely to enjoy talking about Medicine Mama’s to your friends and family, but chances are, if you like natural products, then your friends do too, and are therefore more likely to check us out!

How do I apply?

If you are interested in getting involved with Medicine Mama’s Ambassador Program, simply click the “register” button below and enter your information to register on the next page. You will receive an email confirmation after you register, simply click to confirm, and you’re ready to get started! You’ll find all your links under “Banners” and all your transactions.

If you have more questions about our program, read our Ambassador Program terms & conditions or email us directly.