Medicine Mama’s Apothecary is a company founded by women for women.

We believe women can climb Any Mountain. Join us in raising awareness.

We invite you to make a difference with us

Through the month of September (Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month) $1 of every Vmagic purchase will benefit Any Mountain Project

Helping their mission to research and raise awareness of ovarian cancer and the genetic risks that increase the likelihood of disease. Please JOIN US!!

Every Vmagic purchase through the end of September will help research and raise awareness.

Dr. Clare Bertucio is the chief executive officer of Medicine Mama’s Apothecary, a company offering wholly natural and organic skincare and personal care products. Clare received her medical degree from the prestigious Mayo Clinic’s medical school and practiced as a radiation oncologist for 20 years. Most recently, she was honored to be asked to serve on the nine-physician Alaska COVID-19 task force.

As a radiation oncologist—having seen the severe skin reactions that can be caused by cancer treatments—Clare has a passion for helping people live their healthiest lives through a combination of traditional medicine and natural, minimalistic beauty and personal care products. As a woman, Clare wants to empower other women to talk openly about their bodies. The quintessential “medicine mama,” Clare hopes to bring the versatility of the Sweet Bee Magic and Vmagic brands to every medicine cabinet in the United States and beyond.

Any Mountain and the Women behind it.

Any Mountain's Mission

Summiting Ovarian Cancer 

Through Creativity & Research

We’re raising money to support the Any Mountain Expedition Team, a unique group of leading ovarian cancer specialists from all over the United States, as they develop methods of early detection and prevention.

We’re raising awareness about Ovarian Cancer through music, dance, and an APP encouraging everyone to learn their family cancer histories so they can recognize risks early and take steps to save their future. 

Meet Dr. Hope

Dr. Joanie Mayer Hope wrote and recorded the Any Mountain song in 2017. Two years later, she collaborated with her colleague, Dr. Elizabeth Swisher, to form an ovarian cancer research team and turn Any Mountain into a movement. Dr. Hope is also a founder – and former lead vocalist – of a rock band made of gynecologic oncologists called N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease), which is committed to raising awareness for gynecologic cancers.

To learn more about Any Mountain’s initiative

To learn more about Any Mountain's initiative, and about Ovarian Cancer prevention please visit


And please share this message with the women in your life. 

Awareness is essential to prevention.