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  • Zinc Facial Soap

Ultra Cool

Due to the weirdest time in life, I now have to do my own facials, mani pedis, massages etc. I was So excited to see that Medicine Mama also sold a Face Scrub. It has perfectly sized granules! One wash and my face felt smooth. I am Thrilled with your products. Thank you Medicine Mama for your expertise in skin care. (I am, was, a Massage Therapist and I know the importance of smooth skin). Love, Love ,Love your products!! – Laura P

Soft, smooth, and glowing

I've been using this for about a month now, and am completely hooked! I'm in my 40s, with dry/combination skin and a varying climate, and this makes my skin so soft and smooth. I follow it with the ultra moisturizer and am delighted with the way I look and feel, the quality and simplicity. I actually love the way they smell, too. Thank you!! – Meri

The Best!

I'm in love with this scrub. It works beautifully for my sensitive skin, has the perfect texture and smell, and results in the smoothest skin I've felt in awhile. A++. - Jenny 

The only thing that worked

With wearing masks all day at work with the pandemic, my face became so angry and bumpy and breaking out and all around horrible and dehydrated. My sister told me about the facewash and Ultra Beauty Balm and after the first day and then the first week my skin was calm, hydrated and my pores werent clogged at all. This stiff is a true miracle!! Not to mention, after that first week i decided to "test it" and added a gentle lactoc acid peel to my regimen and again my face started reacting badly with bumps and clogged pores. As soon as i stopped the peel and just used the soap and beauty balm everything went back to radiant again. Im telling everyone about these products, its truly a godsend! - Ashley

First time using organic products and I love this one!

I was a little bit skeptical about using an organic product on my face, but after a couple of weeks using the Ultra Beauty Balm, I feel my skin is very hydrated and non-greasy. I love this product because it's easy to apply, and my skin absorbs it very quickly. – Adriana

My absolute favorite skin product

I have been using Ultra Beauty Balm for years. I’m a makeup artist & I always get compliments on my skins healthy glow, it’s because of this product. This is literally food for my skin. I LOVE Ultra Beauty Balm! – Joely G

Zinc Facial Bar is lovely

I am loving this facial bar. It’s lather is creamy and feels great on my skin. It does not dry my face out and I have had no breakouts. It makes my face feel clean and soft. I highly recommend this. I also love that the bar comes in 3 pieces. What a great idea!- LKB

This stuff works

My face is clear, plump, and super clean! Doesn’t over dry my skin like other face washes, which then lead to oily shiny face. My skin has the nice subtle sheen I always wanted :) Pro tip, use the Ultra Beauty Balm after! super soft and no more wrinkles :))- Priscila M

Simply, naturally wonderful!

After quitting hormonal birth control after 11 years, the inevitable happened - huge, painful, hormonal cystic bumps started popping up all along my neck and jawline. I tried riding it out for a couple of months, but I quickly grew sick and tired of the pain, having to wear too much makeup and shedding tears over having terrible acne again at almost 29 years old. I was very reluctant to try any Western remedies like Accutane or powerful, skin irritating spot creams and decided to research natural alternatives instead. I had read about zinc soap and loved Medicine Mama's organic vision, so I decided to go for it. The bar comes scored to be broken into 3 pieces, but I just shave off a little sliver and use it until it's gone. After almost 4 weeks of using it daily in conjunction with a wonderful natural supplement (DIM), my cystic acne has been drastically reduced. I am getting less and less new pimples, and the old cystic pimple scars and scabs are fading faster. I will be forever grateful for this wonderful soap and would recommend it to anyone! Thank you Medicine Mama's! - Sarah