How Vmagic got started

When Medicine Mama’s Apothecary first launched Sweet Bee Magic, our organic all-in-one healing skin cream, we noticed a trend in the feedback we were receiving. Along with testimonials about using Sweet Bee Magic on sunburns, extremely dry skin and helping cuts, burns and stings; we noticed that a surprisingly large number of women were using our cream to address vulvar dryness caused by menopause, pregnancy and oral contraceptives. After hearing from so many women who were so thankful to at last have an organic solution that calmed, moisturized and soothed delicate vulvar skin, we decided to formulate a special blend specifically designed to deliver the results that women need for their intimate skin. Working closely with women’s health specialists, we adapted our original formula to deliver the perfect balance of moisture, nutrition and support for the vulvar area. The result was a miracle, Vmagic.

Making the Miracle

Vmagic is powered by our miracle Melexylem (propolis and honey blend). Medicine Mama’s founder and chief formulator discovered and perfected a breakthrough 45 day flavonoid compounding process that bound medicinal honey with rare ancient forest propolis. The two came together to become more than the sum of their parts, the defensive proteins in propolis bound with the unique sugars found in our medicinal honey to dramatically increase their potency and bioavailability. At the height of their potency, the batches of Melexylem are uncapped and added to warm organic oils, beeswax and other hive ingredients to make the skincare products you love like Vmagic and Sweet Bee Magic. The miracle Melexylem is the perfect solution to calm, protect and moisturize the most sensitive skin.

Melexylem delivers complete skincare support. It contains prebiotics that balance the skin and prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria. It contains anti-oxidants that scour free radicals, helping skin restore healthy balanced function. The defensive enzymes in Melexylem create anti-inflammatories that soothe and calm the most sensitive skin.

Artisan Pride

Medicine Mama’s Apothecary takes pride in being one of the few remaining boutique skincare manufacturers in America. We have the utmost standards for purity, choosing only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients. Vmagic is made along with our other premium organic skincare products in our pristine Apothecary, never coming in contact with harmful chemicals or irritants.

Each product is a labor of love, requiring our master artisan’s intense attention to the unique properties of each ingredient and meticulous care in the ratios, blending times and temperatures. Our unique attention to detail creates skincare products unlike any other, with a purity and potency that is unmatched.