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Medicine Mama's Sweet Bee Magic Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™
Medicine Mama's Sweet Bee Magic
Medicine Mama's Sweet Bee Magic Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™
Medicine Mama's Sweet Bee Magic Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™ Sweet Bee Magic™

Sweet Bee Magic™

$ 24.99

  • If you’ve been searching for a simple, effective solution for all your skin care issues, great news… You’ve found it!

    Sweet Bee Magic™, Medicine Mama’s breakthrough miracle skin cream, is the simple, effective way to soothe, heal, and hydrate your face and body.

    The “magic” is Melexylem™, our propriety compound created exclusively to provide heightened prebiotic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits while soothing, healing and hydrating skin of all kinds.

    Sweet Bee Magic™ relieves chronic conditions that cause dry, irritated skin as well as occasional discomfort (like sunburn), all while keeping your skin healthy and youthful every day. Kids love how it gently soothes their itchy skin and quickly relieves the pain of cuts and scrapes.


    Sweet Bee Magic™ is the pure, natural, organic answer to a multitude of concerns for face and body.

    • Maintains healthy, radiant, youthful-looking skin
    • Moisturizes dry, cracked or irritated skin
    • Heals rashes, burns, scars and intense skin irritation
    • Soothes cold sores, rashes and chapped lips
    • Heals acne, eczema, Dermatitis, and blotchy skin
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Relieves sunburns & insect bites

    Sweet Bee Magic™ is gentle and safe to use on even the most sensitive or acne prone skin. Our carefully chosen organic oils and beeswax do not clog pores. Perfect for daily use by all ages, skin types and genders.

    For moisturizing protection:

    Apply liberally to face, hands and body as needed.

    For minor cuts, scrapes, burns and irritations: 

    Place a small dab of product on the affected area for immediate soothing relief.

    For overnight skin nutrition:

    Rub a generous amount onto your face, hands and body before bed.


    Made in small batches at our apothecary, Sweet Bee Magic is uncompromisingly pure and made with organic ingredients; containing the most medicinally active and highest quality, materials

    100% bioactive ingredients are:

    • Organic Extra Virgin Olea Europaea (Olive) - moisturizing and loaded with super rich EFA’s
    • Organic Cera Alba BEESWAX - protection, creates building blocks
    • Organic Honey - antiaging, antibacterial, Vitamin B
    • Propolis - purifying
    • Bee Pollen - revitalizing (food for the hive)
    • Royal Jelly - nourishing (food for queen)
    -ZERO chemicals
    -No fillers or binders
    -Dermatology tested and approved: zero irritants
    -It’s so pure, it is edible!
    -Cruelty Free

    Dermatologist & Esthetician Recommended For Efficacy. Tested For Purity.

    Free of: synthetic dyes, fragrances, chemicals, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, soy, fillers, binders and petroleum.


    “I use Bee Magic on my face twice a day...it's the BEST "face cream" I have EVER used. I grew up using face products religiously and I have used some good quality stuff...but Bee Magic is still better! Truly!”

    “Sweet Bee Magic has totally transformed my skin! My face is no longer itchy, and it stays soft and moisturized all day and all night. I also use it on my elbows, hands, and feet. I never leave home without my sample size Sweet Bee Magic. I have even used it on bug bites. I also use a tiny bit on my hair.....keeps it nice and soft. LOVE Sweet Bee Magic!” 

    “I LOVE Sweet Bee! I have eczema and very sensitive, reactive skin - both since babyhood. Love being able to use it anywhere, even on my face and lips, and know that my tight, itchy skin will instantly feel better. My 9-month-old daughter is starting to get rashly cheeks. Not sure if it's eczema too or just weather changes, but I'd love to be able to try the baby balm for her. I don't want her to struggle with her skin the way I did!

    "My granddaughter used to be very "itchy" with Eczema to the point where she had to sit in bath water that had small amounts of bleach in it. She found and has used Sweet Bee with much success. As her life circumstances have changed drastically”

    “Can't say enough about this product. I love it! It is all I use on my face. My acne prone skin has been clear, and I am always getting asked what I use for under eye cream. It does go on greasy at first, but it will absorb. Use sparingly in the morning and let it absorb or rub in well if you wear foundation. I just tap a little under my eyes in the morning and any dry spots followed with a little blush & bronzer. I slather it on at night though. It is also great on sunburns! I missed a spot on my back this summer when applying sunblock and it got pretty red. I put it on before bed and when I got up the next day. The following night I put it on again, but there were no longer any typical sunburn issues. And it never peeled. Healed so much quicker than most I have seen on others! I have even used on my dogs for minor skin infections. This product truly is the greatest, I never go without!!”

    “By far the best skincare product that I have found for my hands during the winter. My hands will get very dry and irritated in the winter, but when I use this product it keeps my hands moisturized and soft. Highly recommended!”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews
I cannot stop buying

I bought a small jar to try it. i fell in love with the product and continued buying since. It's very effective for itchy/irritated skin. It nourishes, smoothens, brightens, heals, soothes, etc. super gentle even on sensitive skin. Highly recommended

Super Product

I've used Medicine Mamma's zinc soap for years. This was my first order of Sweet Bee Magic. I'm 73 years old and have dermatitis, rosacea, plus adult acne. Sweet Bee Magic is very
soothing for my face and does not set off my adult acne. Love it!

Continuous healing and relief

I discovered Bee Magic while my infant son was in treatment for cancer. He had the worst rashes and his skin was sensitive to everything. Rashes, especially diaper rashes, in a child w/o an immune system can be dangerous as the body can’t heal and there’s much higher chance for infection. We, like so many other parents, desperately tried so many combos of things before I read the ingredients in Bee Magic and gave it a shot. I had high hopes for it because of the propylis, honey and royal jelly and I was not disappointed. To our and his relief it was easy to see it working and helping. My son is 4 now and to this day we use it to sooth his eczema.

Wonderful product

Everybody in the reviews that appreciate Bee Magic are absolutely right. Pure healthy ingredients that is "skin food", without all the harsh toxic ingredients you don't want on your skin. Love the moisture softening, the smell, the soothing healing salve that it is. I will be a regular purchaser. Thank you for a quality product. It's so worth the price. There's plenty of beauty and skin healing products out there filled with chemical garbage. Not this one! Thoughtful respectful ingredients that work. ♡☆♡


I've spent years and countless amount of money trying find a product that works for me and doesn't trigger any sort of reaction either from my skin, nose (scent) or eyes. Amazing is an understatement for this product. Other moisturizers advertised being organic and not including certain fillers but in truth there was always something that would cause a reaction. I guess it's more of a marketing ploy than anything for them. On the other hand this comes as advertised and even better. A truly authentic healthy and organic moisturizer with no nonsense added to it any way shape of form. I truly appreciate this my search as come to an end finally! I can't thank you enough. I'll be a life long purchaser. Never discontinue this.