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Medicine Mama's Sweet Bee Magic Wand Sweet Bee Magic Wand™ Sweet Bee Magic Wand™
Medicine Mama's Sweet Bee Magic Wand
Medicine Mama's Sweet Bee Magic Wand Sweet Bee Magic Wand™ Sweet Bee Magic Wand™
Medicine Mama's Sweet Bee Magic Wand Sweet Bee Magic Wand™ Sweet Bee Magic Wand™

Sweet Bee Magic Wand™

$ 14.99


“Wherever you go, go with your heart.” – Confucius

Imagine… All the benefits of Sweet Bee Magic™ in handy travel size.

This perfect on-the-go, vitamin-packed balm leaves your lips, face and hands velvety soft and nourished. No matter what your day brings, Sweet Bee Magic Wand™ is with you to soothe, heal, hydrate, and replenish!


Sweet Bee Magic Wand™ is ideal for your purse, gym bag, diaper bag, and your child’s backpack.

  • Maintains healthy, radiant skin
  • Moisturizes dry, cracked or irritated skin
  • Prevents chafing
  • Heals rashes, burns, scars and intense skin irritation
  • Soothes cold sores and chapped lips
  • Relieves sunburns & insect bites
  • Reduces inflammation

Sweet Bee Magic Wand™ is gentle and safe to use on even the most sensitive or acne prone skin. Our carefully chosen organic oils and beeswax do not clog pores. Perfect for daily use by all ages, skin types and genders.

For moisturizing protection:
Apply liberally to face, hands and body as needed.
For minor cuts, scrapes, burns and irritations:
Place a small dab of product on the affected area for immediate soothing relief


Made in small batches at our apothecary, Sweet Bee Magic Wands are uncompromisingly pure and certified organic; containing the most medicinally active and highest quality, materials

100% bioactive ingredients are:

  • Organic Honey - antiaging, antibacterial, Vitamin B
  • Propolis - anti-bacterial, purifying
  • Organic Cera Alba BEESWAX - protection, creates building blocks
  • Organic Avocado Oil - nourishing
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olea Europaea (Olive) - moisturizing and loaded with super rich EFA’s
-Dermatology tested and approved: zero irritants
-It’s so pure, it is edible!
-Cruelty Free

Free of:
synthetic dyes, fragrances, chemicals, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, soy, fillers, binders and petroleum.


“Perfect for dry winter skin and for eczema. I use this product as an eye cream during the day and also for my dried and eczema prone lips. Lighter than the Sweet Bee magic skin cream but equally moisturizing. I have very sensitive skin and this is the only thing I can wear as eye cream.”

“We use ours every day, multiple times throughout. My children find it very soothing for every bump, bruise, and scratch. Our skin heals so quickly when it's under the magic of Sweet Bee. One of my daughters loves it so much, she convinced me to buy one for her teacher. We love all Medicine Mama's Apothecary's products, but the Wand is special to my children for its accessibility and application ease. It sits on a shelf in the kitchen, and they always know they can find it there. It's especially great for burns, heals and soothes the pain instantly (which is why it's in the kitchen). When we're out and about in this cold, I have one in my purse and we all use it constantly for our dry lips and cracked knuckles. I hear them say "Mom, can I use that Sweet Bee?"... Music to my ears... and skin!”

“My lips needed a natural lip balm that did not contain petroleum and this has exceeded my expectations. First of all, this stick is huge and I love that. It will last a long time and it is priced very reasonably. Second, it is not flavored but I do not mind the taste. Most natural lip balms I have used in the past tend to have a strong manufactured taste or an off putting chemical taste after a while. This has neither. It leaves a light, fresh, taste that dissipates after twenty minutes once the product absorbs. The third thing I want to rave about is the texture. The balm itself is smooth and it immediately melts to my lips upon contact unlike a lot of other balms which tend to take too much effort to apply. This product is so smooth to apply. After an application my lips are nicely covered and I don't have to use much at all. Lastly, it does hydrate my lips. I can apply once in the morning for the entire day without a need to re-apply. My lips have responded beautifully to it without an adverse reaction (I have sensitive skin). It is just wonderful and I will be ordering again!”

“Very hydrating, love the fact that it has just a few ingredients, all natural and no chemicals. Been invaluable this brutal winter”

“Yummy. I love this stuff for my face and lips. It's convenient to put on after washing up in the evenings. MM's has the best products!”

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
This is the best

I bought the ultra beauty balm and the regular sweet bee magic in a jar and in a wand. I like to keep the wand in my purse. I also bought the face scrub. I am so in love with your products. Before this I was just using coconut oil on my face. I live in the desert and the coconut oil still left my face super dry and crepey around the eyes. Well, I have to thank my Mom for noticing as well and putting the magic wand under my eyes. I ordered it that day and I am so in love with these products. Nothing else worked on my dry skin. I pray and hope that this line of products never ends because I am a customer for life. My skin feels like velvet and for the first time ever, I got compliments about my skin when I am out not wearing makeup and just having Sweet Bee Magic on my face.

It's definitely Magic!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for making the Sweet Bee Magic Wand! I literally, use it Morning, Noon and Night for face, hand and body moisturizing. I also use it for helping to heal scrapes and scratches too. My skin just drinks this lovely healing balm right up -- it's, light weight, so nourishing and soaks in to my skin beautifully. Love, Love, LOVE it!!!! I would definitely purchase this formula in a 2 oz or a 4 oz jar if you ever decided to offer this exact formula in that product format.

Love this stuff ❤️

Awesome. Wonderful. I can’t tell you enough how good this product is. I love it. It feels wonderful on my lips. I highly recommend it.

Great Product!!! Amazing!!

This is one of the best moisturizing healing products I've ever used.
I even use it in my lips instead of lip balms.
I even used some on my boyfriends beard line when he had razor burn and irritation.
He loved it !! It worked so well he asked for more of his own !!!
I continue to order to make sure I never run out !!
Thanks for this amazing product!!

Love the Bee Magic Want, V Magic and Bee Magic All In One Healing Skin Cream!

I have recently made a life style change to use products that are as natural and safe to both the human body and environment. I enjoy all the Medicine Mama's products so far that I have used literally from head to toe. I love the versatility of the products-- they are safe to use all over my body and sometime even my hair tips if they are dry. Thank you for caring enough to create a safe and awesome product for both humans and the environment! I am a true fan of Medicine Mama's products and I am delighted to use them every day with no harmful effects!!!