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So what is “Feminine Lips Stick”? 

Vmagic Feminine Lips Stick is the concentrated travel size version of our orginal Vmagic Vulva Care and Intimate Skin Cream customers have been asking for. It contains 1.5x more of Medicine Mama's propriety healing compound, Melexylem® the orginal Vmagic formula.
Luxury for your lady parts

Vmagic® Feminine Lips Stick….is an essential, nourishing, comforting, moisturizer that soothes and repairs “down there” with all-natural, Gynecologist approved ingredients.

A healthy environment is crucial to our lives — and that includes your intimate environment.

Our intimate skin gets exposed 24/7 to friction and high humidity in dark, damp, and constricted areas (think tight jeans and workout wear). While our lady parts are designed to naturally lubricate on their own, they can’t always fight off the bacteria thriving environments we subject them to. When we add active sex, frequent waxing and shaving, and harsh soaps to the mix, our intimate skin loses its healthy battle and often becomes itchy, rash-prone, dry, and just plain uncomfortable to downright painful. 1 in 4 women faces serious skincare challenges down there for these very reasons.

Intimate skin troubles had gone unanswered until we created our amazing, all-natural product: Vmagic® Feminine Lips Stick

  1. Instantly calms and soothes irritated, chafed, itchy and inflamed skin
  2. Wicks away and prevents odor-causing and irritating bacteria buildup
  3. Provides long-lasting, nourishing moisture and balance 24/7
  4. Protects sensitive skin from irritating friction

#1, five star-rated 100% natural organic solution, endorsed and recommended by gynecologists and dermatologists nationwide. Vmagic® contains absolutely zero chemicals, synthetic binders, carcinogenic fillers, perfumes, parabens, soy, nasty petroleums, and hexanes or any other allergenic harsh ingredients. 


✮✮✮✮✮ Amazing! I had a horrible yeast infection
Amazing! I had a horrible yeast infection that left me very uncomfortable, even after it cleared. One day of Vmagic®, and I was feeling SO much better. Well worth the price. I am using it every day, and I will definitely continue use. – By Mare73 on February 17, 2015

✮✮✮✮✮ Perfect for waxing and sensitive skin!
I regularly get waxed year round and have a very healthy intimate relationship with my guy with that being said those two together have lead to some uncomfortable ingrown hairs. I have been using this product daily for the last month and have not had any problems with ingrown hairs or irritation. I highly recommend this product! – By Bettie Maeon May 1, 2016

✮✮✮✮✮ The perfect lubricant/ointment/healer
Women in their 50s and 60s know that sex can be painful. VMagic® is the perfect natural lubricant to solve this problem, and it also soothes any irritation afterwards. -- By Jenny on June 13, 2013

✮✮✮✮✮ Menopause Must-Have!
Any woman going through menopause should have this on hand. Very soothing and high quality, non chemical ingredients. Love it! – By Cheryl A.on May 14, 2016

✮✮✮✮✮ Amazing. I love Medicine Mama products in general.
Amazing. I love Medicine Mama products in general (the Ultra Beauty Balm is AMAZING), so I thought I'd give this a try. Any dry issues I had were gone with two uses. Not too heavy or sticky, either. Excellent product. – By Sara on January 26, 2016


#1: Discomfort Vmagic® brings instant relief to chafed, dry, itchy, rashy, inflamed intimate skin.

#2: Moisturizing Vmagic® delivers everyday protective lasting moisture. 1 in 4 women suffer from vulvar dryness caused by hormonal changes, hygiene products and a gazillion other environmental factors.

#3: Intimate Activity Feels like velvet, smells and tastes like honey, works like Magic before during and after intimate activity.

#4: Deodorizer / Refresher Vmagic® removes and prevents odor causing bacteria and helps maintain vulvar skin moisture and balance throughout the day.

#5: Personal Grooming Vmagic® reduces inflammation and ingrown hairs caused by personal grooming.

Use Vmagic® before and After Everyday activities to keep your skin balanced, moisturized and purified. It works!

Before, to protect sensitive skin and after, to balance pH and restore soothing moisture from chlorinated hot tubs, pools, soapy and hot baths, grooming, waxing, shaving, vigorous Intimate activity (yup, we said it!), sports chafing i.e. cycling, running, surfing, those long days in tight jeans or spandex and long hours of sitting in a plane or office with little or no circulation.

V-Troubles can happen to all of us. These are a few of the common activities causing issues to private tissues: tight-fitting jeans, challenging workouts, shaving/waxing and vigorous sexual activity but those are just the things we know about. What about all the irritating chemicals in our products? Synthetic fibers, perfumed soaps, harsh detergents - those can all sneak into our daily lives and leave us feeling less ourselves too. And over the course of our fabulous lives as women, we experience physical changes. Hormonal contraceptives, menopause, medications and lifestyle factors all contribute to a host of nasty business like itchy, irritated, dry, chapped, inflamed and painfully irritated intimate skin.


  • Made in small batches at our apothecary, Vmagic® is uncompromisingly pure and certified organic; containing the most medicinally active and highest quality, materials.

    Certified organic by the CCOF

    100% bioactive ingredients are:

    • Organic Olive Oil - soothing and moisturizing emollient
    • Organic Avocado Oil - rich in EFA and Vit E, repairing and nourishing
    • Organic BEESWAX - protective emollient
    • Organic Honey - mineral rich, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-septic
    • Organic Melexylem®  Proprietary Compound - enzyme rich, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant
      1. Organic Sea Buckthorn - rich in Vit A, D, E, carotenoids, repairing and nourishing 


      Vmagic® is the only feminine care cream that is 100% natural, free of all dyes, fragrances, soy, hormones, steroids, synthetic preservatives, petroleum or parabens. Lab tested and proven to be zero irritant. Pure, where it matters most. Effective, natural!

      Vmagic® Lips Stick is a cosmetic and intended for external use, however, if in the heat of the moment Vmagic® comes in contact with your Vagina (interior region) - no worries! It is 100% organic, completely chemical free, dermatology tested, non-irritant, cruelty free and contains 100% edible natural ingredients. Enjoy it!

      #1 choice recommended by gynecologists, hospitals pharmacies, and women’s health clinics.

      Free of: synthetic dyes, fragrances, chemicals, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, soy, fillers, binders and petroleum.

    • FAQ

      What is Vmagic®?

      Vmagic® is a multi-purpose skin and beauty care for down there. It instantly and safely soothes, calms, moisturizes, purifies, protects and revitalizes intimate skin. Vmagic is fast becoming women’s #1 choice for feminine self-care. Vmagic® is meticulously prepared in small batches with 100% natural and organic ingredients.

      How do I apply it?

      Lavishly without restraint and daily with confidence, because it makes you feel so good, comfortable, sexy and savvy. Because, hey – you are in the know with your V's daily essential health and beauty needs. The Vmagic® Lips Stick has a dial at the bottom. Simply twist the dial half way around. Then swipe the cream off the top with your fingers or apply to a tissue and gently rub it onto your labial lips, clitoris, perineum or wherever down there you are wanting to feel fabulous, moisturized, soothed, purified and LOVED! Twist the dial further around for a larger amount of cream if desired or needed. Of course you can apply Vmagic® Lips Stick directly from the applicator to your skin if you wish. Have fun exploring all possibilities.

      I am very active. Will Vmagic® help

      Yes! Before and After Everyday activities keep your V-Lips balanced, moisturized and purified. It works! Before, to protect sensitive skin and after, to balance pH and restore soothing moisture from chlorinated hot tub, pool, soapy and hot bath, grooming, waxing, shaving, vigorous Intimate activity (yup, we said it!), sports chafing i.e. cycling, running, surfing, those long days in tight jeans or spandex and long hours of sitting in a plane or office with little or no circulation.

      Why do I need Vmagic®?

      1 in 4 women in America report experiencing vulva pain or discomfort, including women of all different ages. There are several causes of vulvar dryness, thinning and irritation. Most commonly they are caused by:

      • Menopause / hormonal changes
      • Oral contraceptives
      • Steroid creams
      • Hormone treatments
      • Irritants in soap, detergent and sexual aids

      Vmagic® provides instant relief for red, irritated skin caused by the conditions listed above. It will also condition and support skin integrity over time to help prevent thinning and irritation, while restoring a healthy balance to vulvar skin.

      Can I use Vmagic® internally?

      Vmagic® is a cosmetic and intended for external use, however, if in the heat of the moment Vmagic® comes in contact with your Vagina (interior region) - no worries! It is 100% organic, completely chemical free, dermatology tested, non-irritant, cruelty free and contains 100% edible natural ingredients. Enjoy it! 

      Is Vmagic® safe?

      Yes, Vmagic® is safe, gentle and effective on even the most delicate skin. Vmagic® is lab tested for safety and has a perfect score of zero on the irritant index.

      How often can I use Vmagic® & when will I see results?

      Vmagic® is all natural and safe to use as often as needed or desired. You will feel immediate relief from dryness, itching and inflammation. Over just a few days of use, the overall health, balance and skin integrity will improve.

      Why should I choose organic?

      Sensitive skin deserves uncomplicated solutions. Women’s health specialists agree that less is more, especially where vulva skin is concerned. Complicated formulas laden with chemicals like steroids, fillers, dyes, fragrances, artificial preservatives and parabens commonly cause the very imbalances that women are seeking to correct.

      Can I use Vmagic® for a lubricant?

      Vmagic® is not technically a lubricant, it is an emollient, oil based. Feel free to use it for soothing, calming and comforting the vulvar area during physical activity.

      What does non latex compatible mean?

      Most condoms are made from latex or petrochemicals (plastic) so we don’t recommend using them with oil-based products like Vmagic® because oil can quickly weaken latex and cause condoms to break.

      Gynecologists Recommend

      "I endorse the use of Vmagic®"

      As a sexual health and relationship counselor, I completely endorse the use of Vmagic® to help restore comfort and intimate skin integrity. I have happy client couples reporting positive results from the use of Vmagic® to ready the skin for intimate activity.

      Holly Lawson, MS, LPC, PC
      Sexual Health & Intimacy Counselor

      "Perfect blend to nourish & soothe"

      Vmagic® is an amazing product and my favorite to recommend for the care of the delicate skin of the vulva! It’s unique combination of rich, emollient and organic ingredients is the perfect blend to nourish & soothe. VMagic® is fantastic for both daily care, prior to and after sexual intimacy, as well as for dryness and minor irritations. My patients absolutely love it!

      Dr. Sandra Lindholm
      Sexual Health & Intimacy Counselor

      "Vulvar skin protector"

      I recommend Vmagic® to women of all ages & for a variety of reasons. I have found it to be a light weight, well tolerated vulvar skin protector. I have found it to be especially helpful in young women on birth control pills with dryness. It is also very useful in older women, especially those with dryness, incontinence, and those who wear pads daily.

      Megan Lavin MD FACOG

      "Vmagic® really helps restore vulvar comfort"

      Personally, I love Vmagic®. Professionally, as a physician, I appreciate that there is a natural alternative for patients who are particularly sensitive to several ingredients in other medications that are formulated for feminine skin irritations and dryness. Patients thank me and tell me that Vmagic® really helps restore vulvar comfort.

      Dr. Trisha Johnson
      Family Practice Physician specializing in women's health

      "Patients who experience sensitive skin irritations should try Vmagic®"

      I discovered Vmagic® when my wife was pregnant, she found it to be a natural way to keep herself in balance. I now refer patients who experience sensitive skin irritations should try Vmagic® and encourage colleagues in healthcare to do the same. I am impressed with its quality organic ingredients and low irritant index. It’s about time a cream was formulated for intimate skin issues.

      Dr. Robert Schmidt, DC

      "It helps with dryness, protects skin and wicks away odors"

      Fantastic product! I am a health care provider as well as a post-menopausal woman. Vmagic® is MAGIC! It helps with dryness, protects skin and wicks away odors all with the most natural ingredients! I have so many patients using this and they are soooo happy, so am I. Brave Medicine Mama's Apothecary!

      D. Nicholas MSN, WHNP-BC


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      Discover the Magic of Beautiful Skin.

      Medicine Mama’s Apothecary is proud to offer a line of certified organic skincare products that moisturize, soothe, nourish and heal. We are passionate about making the highest quality natural skincare possible, which is why we make all of our organic skin creams with the most medicinally active raw materials from around the world, in small batches at our own boutique apothecary under the meticulous care of our artisan masters.

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