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Zinc Facial Bar™ Zinc Facial Bar™ Zinc Facial Bar™
Zinc Facial Bar™
Zinc Facial Bar™ Zinc Facial Bar™ Zinc Facial Bar™
Zinc Facial Bar™ Zinc Facial Bar™ Zinc Facial Bar™

Zinc Facial Bar™

$ 14.99

  • Zinc is an essential trace element, which helps repair damaged tissues and heal wounds. Research suggests that zinc might be particularly effective in treating topical irritations and skin imbalances by helping cells to regenerate.

    The ideal cleanser not only washes away dirt and makeup, it also protects your skin and brings out your natural beauty.

    Unlike other bars and soaps, Medicine Mama’s Zinc Facial Soap™ is carefully formulated to detoxify and gently exfoliate without drying or irritation. Like magic, it cleans, moisturizes and nourishes your skin. Our bar combines the benefits of zinc with other natural skin-soothing ingredients, including colloidal oatmeal and calendula, to ensure it is effective and safe for all ages and skin types.

    Throughout the year, the needs of your skin can change, but your skin care doesn’t have to. Zinc Facial Soap™ is soothing and healing on sensitive skin prone to acne, eczema, contact dermatitis, redness and rash. And it keeps healthy skin looking its best, season to season.

    One long-lasting bar offers a multitude of benefits.

    • Gently cleanses sensitive skin
    • Leaves skin hydrated and supple
    • Reduces redness and rash from dryness and rosacea
    • Perfect for the face and whole body
    • Made with natural and organic ingredients
    • Safe for everyday use
    • Zero toxins, gluten, soy, and synthetics


    For your convenience the Zinc Facial Soap™ bar is scored so you can easily break it into three pieces to use one at a time.

    Gently wash, rinse and towel dry. For best results use morning and night, and follow with Sweet Bee Magic™ or Ultra Beauty Balm™.


    Sodium Palmate*, Sodium Cocoate *, Sodium Olivate*, Sodium Shea Butterate*, Honey*, Colloidal, Oatmeal*, Zinc Pyrithione, Calendula*
        -Cruelty Free

        *Derived from organically grown ingredients

        Free of: synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, soy, fillers, binders and petroleum.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 36 reviews
      Can’t live without!

      I was afraid to use the balm on my face because it is fairly oily until it sinks in, as I have been battling moderate hormonal acne for a year now. In addition to cleaning up my diet, body care products, and taking supplements to target detoxification and balancing hormones, I began using the balm as a facial moisturizer to help fade scars and hyperpigmentation left behind from my deep acne cysts. Within days, I noticed a calmer, clearer complexion and there’s more scar fading, day by day. It has been a true blessing to find help for something as distressing as this skin condition on the face. There’s no hiding! Also, manuka honey masks in addition to the zinc facial bar have healed my skin considerably. Thank you Medicine Mama!!!

      Fungul acne safe

      It is a nice soap. The soap has a creamy lather that turns soft. It does have a subtle natural smell but for me it is not a bother like most Fragrance soaps. What I like about it is that the ingredients in it won't trigger fungul acne. The downside is that it can be a little drying to the skin(face) just make sure to moisturize after. Overall, I would recommend this soap if you'd interested in giving it a try. I would likely repurchase myself. Since it comes in 3 pieces you can use one bar for your face and another for your hair and body, at least that's what I do.

      Zinc Facial Bar is lovely

      I am loving this facial bar. It’s lather is creamy and feels great on my skin. It does not dry my face out and I have had no breakouts. It makes my face feel clean and soft. I highly recommend this. I also love that the bar comes in 3 pieces. What a great idea!


      I love my hand size bar. First to my surprise the size (3pack) is perfect. I love the fresh clean light scent, so far my skin has been clear and feels naturally moisturized.

      Very sudsy

      I wanted to ty this, because I liked the other products so much Then, I liked this soap so much, I had to try it on my little mix breed dog because nothing had given her relief from her itchy back fur. Well she was completely calm and clear and has not itched since. I love all natural things for both of us!!