Medicine Mama’s Apothecary offers hand-crafted organic skincare and personal care products powered by Mother Nature to moisturize, soothe and nourish from head-to-toe.

A 100% natural feminine care brand that harnesses organic, active ingredients to help replenish moisture, balance pH and rejuvenate intimate skin. Free of all dyes, fragrances, soy, hormones, steroids, synthetic preservatives, petroleum and parabens, Vmagic products are clinically-tested for safety and gynecologist-recommended to help keep vulvar skin balanced and moisturized.

"Dryness due to menopause was at times quite painful. After trying several other things, I happen to come across Vmagic and needless to say, this is the only thing that actually works. I highly recommend it." - Eileen C

"Vmagic is great for any activity where I'm running, walking, or sweating. It takes away all of the friction and itchiness while working out. It also keeps any unpleasant odor away while working out or dancing. I would recommend this for any active person or anyone who has dryness or itchiness. I'm obsessed.” - Trisha M

"Vmagic has all natural ingredients. It literally is like magic!"

                                             ~ Kristin


A pure, natural skincare brand that binds certified organic ingredients with raw honey and propolis to deeply moisturize and rejuvenate skin without the use of any synthetic dyes, fragrances, chemicals or preservatives. Recommended by dermatologists, aestheticians, cosmetic surgeons and burn centers throughout the country, Sweet Bee Magic provides solutions for the whole family with multi-use products that are gentle and safe enough for use across a variety of skin conditions.

"Works great as intensive moisturizer during dry winter. Great for bug bites , lip balm, dry hands, healing scapes, cuts and rashes Bee soothing on skin. Doesn’t make me break out either and I have very sensitive skin." - Roland

"This product is healing, relieves dry or chapped skin, face or body. The quality of the ingredients is excellent and comforting. Because of the quality and many uses for this product, I have purchased other Medicine Mama products and have not been disappointed." - Ada C