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Medicine Mama's Ultra Beauty Balm Ultra Beauty Balm™ Ultra Beauty Balm™ Ultra Beauty Balm™
Medicine Mama's Ultra Beauty Balm
Medicine Mama's Ultra Beauty Balm Ultra Beauty Balm™ Ultra Beauty Balm™ Ultra Beauty Balm™
Medicine Mama's Ultra Beauty Balm Ultra Beauty Balm™ Ultra Beauty Balm™ Ultra Beauty Balm™

Ultra Beauty Balm™

$ 31.99

  • “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” – Mae West

    We took Sweet Bee Magic and added even more of the best ingredients specifically for the face and neck to create this super rich, highly effective concentrate.

    Your complete beauty regimen in one power-packed jar.

    • 2.5 times more Melexylem™ and Sea Buckthorn Oil then our original Sweet Bee Magic
    • Exceptional anti-aging and healing properties
    • Instant clarifying, brightening, toning and hydrating
    • Soothing to thirsty, tired, acne-prone or irritated and flaky skin
    • Nourishing and protective all-day makeup base
    • All-night ultra beauty repair treatment
    • Certified organic, made with organic oils, beeswax and honey. No perfumes, chemicals, dyes or synthetic additives. Edible
    • 100% Bio Active Biologique


      Reduce fine lines and wrinkles:

      To tone, plump and reduce the appearance of fine lines, Ultra Beauty Balm can be used mornings and evenings as an effective anti-aging treatment.

        Healing Face Cream:
        Ultra Beauty Balm is safe for all skin types, including treating symptoms like red, blotchy, and even acne prone! Super-charged soothing and healing for sensitive face skin that is dry or irritated.

        Maximum healing benefits for sunburned, wind burned, and over-exposed delicate face, lips, neck & ears.

        TIPS for USE:
        Developed with anti-aging and deep healing properties in mind, Ultra Beauty Balm is ultra emollient. To use under make-up, apply to face and neck. Wait a minute for this amazing cream to absorb. (This is a great time to brush your teeth or hair.) Apply makeup as usual and you are on your way!

        Be sure to rub any extra product left into your hands and cuticles!


        Made in small batches at our apothecary, Ultra Beauty Balm is uncompromisingly pure and made with organic ingredients; containing the most medicinally active and highest quality, materials.

        100% bioactive ingredients are:

        • Organic Extra Virgin Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil- moisturizing and loaded with super rich EFA’s
        • Organic Cera Alba BEESWAX - protection, creates building blocks
        • Organic Honey - antiaging, antibacterial, Vitamin B
        • Melexylem™: Honey and Propolis 28 Day Bio Fusion - proprietary, using meticulous timing and temperature resulting in the highest enzymatic action possible
        • Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil - carotenoids for shine, VITAEC
        • Royal Jelly - nourishing (food for queen)
        • Bee Pollen - revitalizing (food for the hive)
        -ZERO chemicals
        -No fillers or binders
        -Dermatology tested and approved: zero irritants
        -It’s so pure, it is edible!
        -Cruelty Free


        “This stuff is freaking awesome! I saw a review over it in a magazine and tried it just for giggles. It completely changed my skin. I went from having to get my cystic acne injected almost weekly to now only getting a zit like once a month!! I use it every morning and every night and I have crazy oily skin. I love it. I'd give it 12 stars if I could”

        “This is one of only a few products that I literally cannot live without. Ultra Beauty Balm fixes all of my skin problems and offers soothing comfort when everything else is irritating or painful. I highly recommend it for those with any skin sensitivities (besides all bee-related ingredients), acne, dry skin, psoriasis, pigmented, wrinkled skin, and the list goes on. The most valuable thing Ultra Beauty Balm has given me is something safe to nourish the skin around my eyes. If it just did that, it'd be worth twice what they're charging. It plumps up my complexion each time I use it (twice daily) and makes it glow. All I can say is, BUY THIS. If you're into natural products for your skin, this is one you'll want to go steady with.”

        “I am addicted to Sweet Bee Magic lip balm and decided to try their new Ultra Beauty Balm. I apply it at night and wake up with my face feeling soft and hydrated. It's a must try!” 

        "I have problem/acne-prone skin and lately it had been looking dull and I hate to say it- Old! I started using the Beauty Balm and within just a few days- the blackheads on my nose shrunk! My skin looks vibrant and healthy! I genuinely can not believe the change in my skin-- the tone, the feel and complection. I feel beautiful again!!"

        "This stuff is great! It feels so luxurious. I use it morning and night and have even stopped using make up for the most part because my skin looks so great. Love it!"

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 147 reviews

      One of my biggest problems is that so many things I put on my face makes my face break out even though my skin is dry. Due to other reviews I decided to give this a try. And much to my surprise, after using it for over a month, it does not give me a break out or even blackheads. But it also makes my skin so soft and calms my sensitive skin. I love this balm. A little goes a long, long way too. Please don’t change a thing!

      Ultra Beauty Balm? I'd say so!

      I wasn't sure what to expect; maybe an oily balm? This is silky, glides over my skin and sinks in quickly leaving comfortable, glowy skin! I'm 64 and have always taken care of my skin. This lovely product causes zero irritation and it will definitely become a staple in my facial routine.

      Ultra Beauty Balm, Bee Magic

      The Sweet Bee Magic moisturizer/balm is the one body product I cannot be without. It is perfect in every way. Soothing to the skin and a must for after shaving legs and pits. Has completely eliminated any tiny nicks or bumps after shaving. It is perfect, and not perfumey, barely any smell at all, a faint good and natural one at first. The Ultra Beauty Balm for face is also amazing, nourishing and keeps my skin extremely young looking - this is true for Bee Magic as well. My skin looks incredible. Thank you Medicine Mama for making such good healthy and incredibly effective products.

      Feeling better

      I am very much enjoying the Beauty Balm. I had extra dry spots on my nose and cheek, and they have improved since using your Balm.
      Over all, the dry skin on my face and neck feel and look better.


      Medicine Mama's Ultra Beauty Balm SAVED me from dry skin and absolutely uncool adult acne. I never dealt with either of these issues in my teens, but my mid-twenties were EYE-OPENING. How does a person have dry, uncomfortable skin AND acne? #mindblown Enter Ultra Beauty Balm... what a life saver. A little goes a LONG way to moisturize, calm and feed the angriest of skin. No strong smells, no stinging, just pure, clean moisture I can feel good about. (I've become somewhat of a clean beauty snob with age - go figure.) I would recommend this balm time and time again, and have bought this as gifts for multiple friends. Works best when warmed between hands, and pressed onto freshly cleaned skin. (I opt out of rubbing this in because I am convinced rubbing = wrinkles.) I even use this around my delicate eye and lip areas. Please don't ever stop making this!