Multi Purpose

"I love this stuff. It is great for your feet and cuticles. I use it on my shins as they are very dry and itchy this winter. I am also using this during post laser treatments and seems to do a nice job of healing. If I have a blemish coming on, I dab this on at night and it is gone in the morning!!! It is thick but melts into your skin fairly quickly. I will not be without this product. Heals cuts and scrapes beautifully."
–Blondiebiker, Sweet Bee Magic

"I've been a huge fan of all Medicine Mama's Products for a while now, but this stuff takes the cake. It heals all of my skin sensitivities, rashes and small injuries. It gently smooths out uneven texture, minimizes pigmentation and not only heals breakouts but wards them off. I use it as an eye cream day and night, as a special lip treatment before bed and to fix my ragged cuticles. For those who wonder why the Ultra Beauty Balm is different from the original formula, I had to ask when researching a piece for my blog: it's got twice the Melexylem (28 day bio-infusion of their honey and propolis). Plus, there's seabuckthorn berry in it as well (HELLO antioxidants!). It's a super-charged, soothing and hydrating formula that I literally do not think I could stop talking about if I tried. I've ditched all of my traditional moisturizer creams."
–Carrie, Ultra Beauty Balm

"Called magic for a reason!! This product is so amazing! I bought it when it went on sale at my local Sprouts supermarket, but when I run out of this I would probably pay retail for it. I think it'll last a long time because a little goes a long way. It has made my skin so much softer and nicer---I don't wear any foundation or makeup now (& surprisingly I haven't had any pimples since using product...I normally have tons of breakouts). And this was a HUGE bonus: The day I purchased this product I was starting to get a cold sore, I put this on it & it was completely gone 2 days later (I usually have them for 7days). Also, my toddler got a bit of a heat-rash during a very humid heatwave and this product got rid of his heat-rash overnight! I'm so impressed with this product, I would recommend it to anyone!" –Kate, Sweet Bee Magic

"This balm was recommended to me by my mom, who severely burned her arm and was looking for a balm to help it heal. Within a month of applying this twice a day, the burn had healed and the scarring was minimal. Now, less than a year later, the scar can barely be seen--even her doctor was impressed! I use this almost every day for everyone in my family. It is great for dry lips, any dry patches of skin, even diaper rash. I truly believe this gentle balm helps the skin heal properly. I don't like putting chemical laden products on my 3 small children, but this balm is chemical free and perfect to help heal their young skin from rashes, cuts...just about everything!"
–Meelia, Sweet Bee Magic

"Great moisturizer and is diminishing fine lines and clearing my complexion. This is my second order."

"This stuff is awesome. I use it on everything. I have like five bottles, and I keep them everywhere I use this on my skin, on eczema, on burns, on too. It's awesome!!!"
–Karen, Sweet Bee Magic

"Wonderful all-purpose product. Despite the oil content, it has done wonders for my acne-prone skin. It does everything the description claims."
–Jupitar17, Sweet Bee Magic

"A multitude of uses. Helps heal dry skin but works on cuts, too! Keeps infection at bay. Love these products!"
–E. Harvey, Sweet Bee Magic


"I heard about Medicine Mama VIA a local radio station in Los Angeles and I was intrigued. I purchased the Bee Magic and face balm and I love them! I use the balm every day and although initially, it may feel oily but it's as if my face and body absorbs it and heals. My skin is so smooth and so soft. My boyfriend absolutely loves caressing it. I'm now interested in the baby care products for my little one." –Sundina

"I don’t have to wear makeup anymore because I can’t find a makeup that looks as good as my skin."

"Love this stuff! I've been using for a month now and my skin is in the best shape it has been since my early 20's." –Ashley, Sweet Bee Magic

"As a mother of three and of a certain 40ish age I have particular issues that I didn’t have in my juicy 20 something years. I read the Beauty Editors review in Refinery 29 last month and couldn’t resist trying Ultra Beauty Balm for myself. My skin was rough, patchy red in spots and very, very dry and flaky on my forehead and chin. I was a bit concerned about the oil base of Ultra Beauty but dove in and slathered it on, rubbed it in to my problem spots and on my wrinkly neck skin."

"The next morning I was surprised at the plumpness and soft feeling of my facial skin. After 1 week of Ultra Beauty my skin tone evened out, the rough dry patches do not exist and I noticed that there is an overall balance and yes even an illuminating or vital quality dare I say glow to my facial tone,,,, my wrinkley neck skin is going to need more attention but overall I am sold thank you Refinery 29 for the review I tooo LOVE this balm and don’t ever want to run out.. Ultra Beauty Balm is my new go to skin care answered all my issues and more!!" –Sylvia, Ultra Beauty Balm

"I read that honey and sugar mixed together can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, so when I found this product I thought I'd give it a try. I have had two children back-to-back and I unfortunately got a ton of stretch marks on my stomach. I have been rubbing this scrub on my belly almost daily while in the shower for about 5 minutes, then rinse it off. I follow-up with moisturizing my belly the Ultra Beauty Balm. After just a few weeks, I have a noticed my skin is way smoother and soft. I plan on continuing this process for 1-year to see the difference! Thank you honey facial scrub!" –Patricia, Ultra Facial Scrub

"Honey and sugar for my face!?! It feels indulgent every time I use it because it's so sweet and I LOVE that about it. My skin is happy as well as my senses. I highly recommend trying it!" –Carly, Ultra Facial Scrub

"This zinc soap is the best facial wash I have tried. I love the way it leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized. I am a true fan of all the Medicine Mama's products! I love the scrub and the beauty balm as well! Those are the only 3 face products I use now and I haven't shined this much since I was preggers lol."
–Stephany, Zinc Soap

"This soap is very nice and smells so good! I know it says face soap, but I actually use it as a whole body soap. I even use it one my kids' as their bath soap. Zinc soap leaves my kids' skin and mine smelling so fresh and soft." –Susan, Zinc Soap


"I've tried any number of products over the years to clean my face, battling with normal to dry skin, blemishes and red patches. Most recently I was using Dove soap (sensitive), but I started reading about how drying that can be to my skin and was seeing the impact when some red blotches would just not go away. A friend recommended the Ultra Beauty Balm, so to give it a try I bought the face brushing kit so I could try both products and haven't looked back since. It's now been 4 months using the zinc bar, beauty balm and more recently added the honey scrub. I've found my forever routine. My skin is constantly clear, moisturized, soft and glowing. I also find the bar lasts a long time. I was able to use 1 of the 3 pieces that come in the box for the full 4 months, along with 1 container of the beauty balm, and this was washing my face both in the morning and at night every day. Worth every penny." –Andrea

"This stuff has changed my life. Not only can I put it on my legs directly after shaving without any irritation, it has made my face look amazing. I’ve had acne problems ever since I can remember. With scars now around my neck and chin area. This bee magic has worked the best in fading my scars, reducing acne (even cystic acne), and leaves my skin looking brighter, softer, less red/irritated and REALLY healthy looking! I have tried so many different products for acne treatment, and I swear this does the trick. Quite fast too! (Along with a healthy/clean diet!!) I am in love. The feeling of waking up and not having to cover up with makeup is so incredibly awesome. Big thank you & hugs to the makers of this product." –Sarah

"Having acne prone skin, I was hesitant to try the Bee Magic. I am now about half way through a 4oz container and I’ve experienced no noticeable correlation between any breakouts and using this product. I use it every night on my face and my hands and chest area. I think the quality of my skin has improved over the past few months and I love that I’m not using chemicals to obtain a nicer complexion. I think this product has helped my skin handle our rough New England winters tremendously well. Enjoy!" –Brandi

"This product is a godsend (so far). It may be too soon to tell, but my skin feels soft and calmer, my acne lesions are clearing up and the redness and inflammation is slowly fading. Sometimes I feel a very mild itching on my chin (where my acne is most severe) as the product settles in but it doesn’t feel like a reaction, more of a healing process beginning."

"I had a stubborn white pimple sort of thing just over my eye for several months. When I started using the Bee Magic Wand, it just mysteriously vanished after about a week! Now I use it as an eye and face cream every day. Thank you!!" –Sarah, Sweet Bee Magic Wand

"This stuff is awesome, I highly recommend it! I can already see that my face is clearing up and my black heads are disappearing! Thank you Medicine Mama's for making this new product!" –Lisa, Ultra Facial Scrub


"I broke my arm and scraped my face playing softball in August. My sister recommended your product, and not only did it seriously aid in healing, it is now my 24 hour face product. I cleanse my face at night and apply it, then the same in the morning. It is a great base for makeup (my makeup never really gave me good coverage before as it always just wore off during the day - I use a minimal amount). The primary thing I want to say is this: before I started using it, I had tried numerous expensive products in the age old quest for minimizing wrinkles. I am 65 and was losing the battle - now I get comments on how great my skin looks. It is really helpful as I am working for a great company, and people never realize my true age. I will never use another skin product on my face and my sister feels the same way! There is not another product that can touch yours. Originally I had posted this to your Facebook page, but realized I could do a review too, so here it is."

"This stuff feels so good every time I put it on my face and neck. I've noticed a difference in my skin tone it is more even than it has ever been before and my fine lines are disappearing. I feel like this balm is going to tremendously slow down the aging process!" –Karen, Ultra Beauty Balm

Eczema, Dermatitis and blotchy, rashy skin issues

"Fantastic cream! I use the sweet bee magic cream for my face which is otherwise really dry. My dry skin and eczema prone spots love the moisture! Enjoy the sample packs too- great for travel." –Kristina

"I have had trouble with eczema ever since I can remember, this time of year is so rough on my hands they are usually cracking and splitting. This stuff has done wonders and I don't even have to apply it threw the day, I just put it on once in the morning and once at night and my skin is softer then it has been in years. Thanks so much for a great product!" –Mary

"Perfect for dry winter skin and for eczema. I use this product as an eye cream during the day and also for my dried and eczema prone lips. Lighter than the Sweet Bee magic skin cream but equally moisturizing. I have very sensitive skin and this is the only thing I can wear as eye cream." –James, Sweet Bee Magic Wand

"We just received this yesterday - both my daughter and I have skin conditions I thought this would be helpful with after reading some reviews. My daughter has a mild case of eczema and I have a mild case of chronic plaque psoriasis on one knee and my elbow. I put this on right before bed last night and this morning the silvery scales almost all disappeared. I am very pleased with this product and will recommend it to anyone who might ask." –Scott, Sweet Bee Magic

"Great for skin problems, a little will go a long ways. Helps clear up zits and bug bites. Shipping was fast." –Opal, Sweet Bee Mag


"I picked up a sample of your cream at Whole Foods... I live in the northeast and every year experience splits in the skin at my fingertips... One night of using this cream and my hands are 95% healed. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found this amazing product. I am off to buy a jar and it won't (bee), ha ha, my last. Thank you so much."

"I cannot even explain what a miracle worker this product is. Nothing was helping my dry skin, tried and spent too much time and money on products that just did not do the job, one day using this product and bam! Soft skin! Amazing! My young daughter started breaking out, started using the cream after washing, her face is completely clearing up. Absolutely amazing! Also helped a good friend’s face with a allergic reaction, her face was broken out, raw and enflamed, your cream cleared it up and she immediately bought a 4oz tub. I cannot say enough good things about this, I use it daily. My face looks amazing! It’s natural and can be used for so many things, the healing properties are just fantastic. Thanks for making a product that not only works but is safe, natural and affordable!"

"I bought this on a whim because I am very attuned to bee products and the ingredients looked lovely. I had no idea I was about to fall in love with a jar. You might never be able to pry this stuff out of my cold dead hands. For once, I bought this for myself just because the ingredients drew me in. I expected a balm that might be helpful for the occasional scrape or rash for myself or my dogs. I found much more than that! I tried it first on areas of my lower legs which had developed red spots after some hormonal treatments. Nothing worked on those and I thought I was to have these small ugly spots for life. They were immune to everything both topical and internal that I tried. What the heck, I applied the balm daily for about two weeks before I noticed the spots were fading. It took some time, about three months I think, and they are almost completely gone. I continued to use the balm because it also felt wonderful on my dry skin so it was easy to stick with it. Three months might sound like a long time, but to me having those ugly spots for over three years and unresponsive to anything it was nothing. It’s so pleasant to use that it just became part of my routine and that time flew right by."

"I just wanted to write and thank you for your products. My face was bumpy, red, itchy, and blotchy. I tried everything including La Mer but nothing worked. I used your Bee Magic cream and instantly my skin calmed down and now I go out without any makeup. More than what you can see in the photos, though, is how my face feels. It used to be soooo itchy. But now no itchiness and it feels like a baby’s butt!! I already bought a couple to give out to all my family members."

"Using Sweet Bee Magic Cream has been a very delightful, delicious experience for my skin. The cream blends into my skin so organically, as though nature intended it to work synergistically with my skin cells, blending in so completely, as if the oils were my body’s own oils. I have also been challenged with a temporary skin problem causing the appearance of redness and rash. The cream has soothed the itching, helping my body heal away the inflammation. I feel as though I need not buy any other cream for my body. Sweet Bee Magic will fill almost all my skin needs. Also, I might add that a little goes a long way."

"I have dishydrosis, which has in the past year or so become very bad on my hands. The skin on my hands, especially between the fingers, has become so dry that it is -- and I do not exaggerate -- a lot like sandpaper. I could fill in for a malfunctioning Dremel tool. Additionally, what with the wretched Boston winter, the corners of my mouth started cracking and would not heal. Then I read about bee propolis, and found this product at the local natural store. It's amazing. This is the best skin product I have ever used. It's better than my dishydrosis medication, it's better than Vitamins A & D ointment (which I had around from getting tattoos), its better than ... anything I know. My mouth corners have finally healed: I can eat an apple again!"
–Glenn, Sweet Bee Magic Wand

"The Bee Magic Wand goes everywhere with me. It has such a smooth, yet thick consistency that I'm able to put it on anything and everything. And it stays on, especially my lips that get so cracked when it's cold out. I feel like I've got new lips after I've put this on. It only takes a few applications to repair anything that's cracked and splitting. My knuckles always hurt when I'm out driving, which is why I keep the wand in my purse. I love having this magic with me at all times!"
–Dorothy, Sweet Bee Magic Wand

"Following more than two weeks of a bad cold, I had chapped lips, chapped nose and an irritated upper lip moving toward cold sores. I bought this at the suggestion of a woman at a food coop, applied it to my chapped lips and nose before bed and in the morning all irritation was entirely gone. I now use it as lip balm and, when traveling, on my face. An amazing product."
–Sydney, Sweet Bee Magic Wand


"This product is awesome and it's can't go wrong, I use it all over my body I need to order like 3 tubes of the 4oz cause I'm running low. I went to whole foods and purchased the 2oz but please I ran through those in secs.... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!" –Natasha

"I love how this is for multiple things. So smart and easy. I have had it for about 2 weeks now and have used it for so many things and it really works and I feel good about using it on my kids because it is organic!" –Shelley, Sweet Bee Magic Wand

Winter / Dry Skin

I have extra dry skin. Other creams are always dry out within an hour but not this one. It is sticky but worth to use for my dry skin. I already finished 2 of them and will keep order it. I also like its ingredients.
–HVMercy Sweet Bee Magic

"I have dry, sensitive skin that is very easily irritated and gets extra parched in the winter, due to the dry air in my office. I ordered the sampler of the Sweet Bee Magic and I am so happy I did. My skin stays soft all day, with no flakes or itchiness. The redness is almost non-existent, and the little bumps I used to have on my forehead are basically gone. I love how rich this feels - it's almost an indulgence to rub it on. I use it morning and night, and have had zero breakouts, which is amazing - it's actually helped clear my pores out."

"It's been a god-send this winter! Usually I have hangnails and cracks all over my hands this time of year. Now that I use this before going to bed, my hands are completely clear and so soft. My husband has started using it, too."

"I've applied this cream over dry patches and scratches that aren't healing. So far, it's smoothing them out and softening the texture of my injured skin."

"Recommend! Very nice product."
–Angartist Sweet Bee Magic

"I use this on my face, body and keep small containers all over to put on my cuticles. This product is helping me get through the winter with soft, smooth skin. I love it."
–Chris, Sweet Bee Magic

"By far the best skincare product that I have found for my hands during the winter. My hands will get very dry and irritated in the winter, but when I use this product it keeps my hands moisturized and soft. Highly recommended!"
–G. Thomas Sweet Bee Magic

"I have extremely dry and sensitive skin and this product addresses that without any harmful chemicals, I would def recommend."
–E. Pfluger

"I bought this product based on the many positive reviews and was pleased with the product. It is quickly absorbed and spreads over the skin smoothly. Texture reminds me of a salve. Does not have a strong odor; mild smell nothing awful. Great product for winter weather to help keep skin moisturized. I would recommend it to my friends."
–TJT, Sweet Bee Magic

"I have dry skin. Everything I put on it seems to evaporate in thin air. This is the first thing that I can tell a noticeable difference. Love it!"
–Rebecca, Sweet Bee Magic


"I've used this since its inception and I LOVE IT! Best facial moisturizer you will ever find. And, it doesn't break the bank."
–Denise, Sweet Bee Magic

"I am using this everywhere - it helps my feet - fabulous after shaving legs and on elbows - and it is the best facial moisturizer (it doesn't make my face break out )- just fantastic. I have been trying all kinds of products for 50+ years - expensive and not so expensive and this is my current favorite."

"I saw this on R29 too. After a harsh winter and fatigue at reapplying moisturizer all day, I gave this a go. Completely obsessed. It's gentle, I receive so many compliments on my skin- that I'm glowing and my makeup looks amazing (what makeup? I'm not wearing any foundation)." Ultra Beauty Balm

"This has become a staple morning and night. Skin feels and looks amazing. Not heavy like I thought it would be... just perfect."
–L.J. Ultra Beauty Balm

"I first read about Ultra Beauty Balm on Refinery29 and purchased it just to give it a try back in December since living in Massachusetts usually does a number on my skin during the winter months. It has been nothing short of a miracle worker. I put it on twice a day after washing my face (mornings and a night before bed) and have noticed such a positive change in my skin. I'm no longer breaking out or experiencing severe dryness and my skin stays hydrated the entire day. Plus, the jar lasted me about two months or so. I really cannot say enough great things about the product or the company. I just ordered a new jar two days ago and it is arriving today-unbelievable! I'll be a fan of this stuff for life."
–Jennifer, Ultra Beauty Balm

"I love this wand. I carry it everywhere I go. I mostly love putting it under my eyes as moisturizer at night before bed. The moisture lasts forever! Love this!"
–Tiffany, Sweet Bee Magic Wand

"When I find a product that can turn my scales into like, real human skin, I have to share. I recently had the chance to try some Bee Magic products from Medicine Mama Apothecary and within a week of using their Sweet Bee Magic All-In-One Skin Cream, my skins become smooth, supple and bee-autiful! I’m officially under the spell. Best of all? The formula comes in a travel-size stick called Sweet Bee Magic Wand too, which works in a pinch for lips or to add a dewy glow to cheeks."

"I have been using this product (and Bee Magic) for two years now and they are BOTH, by far, the best moisturizers I’ve ever tried. And they’re affordable. Great price much cheaper than Egyptian Magic and they work just as well, if not better. I get many compliments on my skin, and these products are the reason why."
–Lizzy, Sweet Bee Magic Wand


"For this 54 year old male, my daily regimen consists of a small amount in my hair mixed with a few drops of essential oil and I use it on my entire person. I have smooth glowing skin and full wavy hair - hey guys want that too!" –GM Reszel

"My husband has the most sensitive skin of all time. Even products like CeraVe and Cetaphil make his face turn red. Sweet Bee Magic is the only thing that actually improves his skin! He puts it on after shaving, and I've noticed such an improvement in tone and texture. Customers for life!" –Heather

"My girlfriend left me a bar of this stuff at my apartment over the holidays. I wasn't going to use it, but I had run out of bar soap, and boy is it nice to not feel all dried out after a shave. I've always just used old bar soap stubs for shaving soap, but this zinc soap seems to keep my skin from drying out after a shave." –Dylan, Zinc Soap

"I love this product! I use it for everything. I kept wondering why it was running low so quickly, and after my second jar, I realized my husband was using on his hands and face every night!! He just asked me last night to order him his own jar!! Very moisturizing and calming to the skin. I have very sensitive skin and have great results with this. I have used on scratches, minor burns, eczema, dry skin, after shaving, you name it!"
–Sheila, Sweet Bee Magic

"Sweet Bee Magic is my go to aftershave moisturizer. It has completely eliminated razor bumps and the irritating in-grown hair issues. Also razor burn and rash NEVER happen. I won’t shave without it." – Leon S

“I am a busy Dad of 2 girls and work in the construction business, before my wife discovered Sweet Bee Magic my hands were always dry and cracking and I could never get them to heal and I tried a lot of stuff! Sweet Bee Magic is the only thing I found to actually work and now all my construction friends are using it too!” – Scott B.

“Sweet Bee Magic has got me through some hard times! I get shingles from time to time and a friend of mine gave me some Sweet Bee Magic to use on it and it instantly relieves the itching and helps heal it. It’s not like anything else I have ever used.” – Norman

“I am on my feet all day in boots and my heals and feet crack and it’s really painful. I’ve been using Sweet Bee Magic on my feet after work and I no longer have that problem.” – Paul

"Sweet Bee Magic is GREAT for my poor old bald head. I work outside all day and Sweet Bee keeps my scalp feeling moisturized and conditioned it also prevents the tight, dry, itchy feeling. That happens from all day sun and weather." – John

"I ride my motorcycle to and from work every day, real fasssst! I slather Sweet Bee on my neck and legs to keep them from the extreme drying and cracking that occurs from the extreme wind factor." – Mark W


"I absolutely love Medicine Mamas products, I use them every day on my body and face and it makes my skin feel rejuvenated. My favorite is the Bee Magic Wand in fact I have replaced my chap stick with it. The Magic Bee Wand is a necessity when you have a baby or have children-it never leaves my diaper bag. I use Sweet Bee Magic and The Wand on scratches, diaper rashes, chapped lips, burn, and just as an overall moisturizer. It makes me feel better using these product knowing they have all natural ingredients." –Stephanie, Sweet Bee Magic Wand

"I'm a first time mom. When my little guy was born 4 months ago we asked our friends and family for the best diaper cream. We tried several products (powders, creams and balms) without any success. I used Sweet Bee and Ultra Beauty Balm during my pregnancy and I loved the results, so I decided to give Baby Balm a try. Within 24 hours the bumps and redness were gone! I love that this is all natural and chemical free. The other products were heavy, drying, and difficult to wipe off, sticky, stains fabrics and smelled awful! This is a wonderful product and worth every penny. I told my husband the price after he loved it too :) We've been using baby balm a little over 2 months now, not one single rash since then. As strange as this may sound, my baby enjoys diaper changing time now. This is a must have for every baby, wish I had this since day 1. My baby is much happier! I will recommend this to my family and new mommy friends. Thank you!"

"My daughter and I both have what is known as Keratosis pilaris. The little bumps on the backs of the arm that look like "goose bumps." Well, after using baby balm on my daughter all over her body, she no longer has bumps. I decided to try for myself because I have had little bumps on the backs of my arms for as long as I can remember. I no longer have bumps and my arms are so smooth and soft now, as are my daughters. We love the baby balm!!!!"
–Sarah, Calendula Baby Balm

"I absolutely love this product! When my two-year-old gets rashes on his bum I rub some Baby Balm on until there is a nice layer all over the affected area, not even 24-hours later, his rash is completely gone. I've used many products and this is by-far the best all natural product I have found!"
-Veda Calendula Baby Balm

"I swear by Baby Balm!"

"My little 6mo. old has such a difficult time with diapers and is always breaking out in rashes that just get worse and worse. The cycle of the rash seems to be the hardest to keep at bay and I have been searching for something thick enough to protect his little bum but safe enough to not aggravate his already so sensitive skin. Your Baby Balm has been a wonder cream!! It's so soft and gentle, but quick healing to where his rash never sticks around and within a few hours is almost cleared up. I don't change a diaper without swiping this cream on to protect his cute little bum."


"We treat our faces to the best creams and potions so how about a little love for our little lady down town? Medicine Mama's, an extremely cool handcrafted line with formulations using the finest all-natural and 100% organic ingredients, morphed its popular Bee Magic into a super healing vaj loving ointment. I just cracked mine open and only wished I had received this sooner, like two years ago after my kid was born. Ouch. I’m loving it and think I might just use it everywhere it’s so pure and natural, I just can’t enough."

"As others have wrote, please don't ever stop making this product! It has solved my problems. Plus the fact that it is organic makes it even better. Thank you for such a great product!"

"I have several things to address here:
1. This is the ONLY organic feminine skincare product out there. The organic certification is very comforting, because it completely eliminates any chance of hidden bad ingredients. (I would never recommend Buts's Bees and all that -- full of toxins, despite the pretty labels.) Certified organic is unambiguously trustworthy.
2. This WORKS. It is soothing on even irritated, broken skin, and a wonderful moisturizer overall. This is one area of the skin that needs care, but it's not a good idea to use regular skin care. This is the first cream (and the only one out there) that works without harming. It's fantastic, and since discovering it -- everything feels, looks, and works better. :) PLEASE don't ever stop making this!!!
3. To the reviewer that claims this product is "mostly Vaseline…" Come on. All you have to do is read the ingredients. It's just a completely inaccurate statement."
–New Yorker

"I use this after I shave my bikini line and legs! No more ingrown hairs or irritations! Totally recommend it!"

"My friend recommended this product to me and it is great...I highly recommend it!"

"I love, love, love, this product! I discovered it by accident looking up ways to help soothe razor burn from shaving along the bikini line. I now use Vmagic as a daily part of my routine for that delicate area. I am grateful to find a product and a company so dedicated to using all natural plant based products, especially a product designed especially for women's needs. Thank you Medicine Mama!"

"I serendipitously found VMagic while searching for a natural remedy for razor burn for the bikini line area. I was reading a blog and someone mentioned VMagic and I immediately looked it up and I am so happy to have found this lovely, organic, California made product! It not only protects this sensitive area, but it also nourishes the area with sweet magic! Thank you Medicine Mama!!! Please don't ever stop making this wonderful product...."

"I am 45, 10 years into full surgical induced menopause. Unable to take hormone therapy due to medical concerns, and I thought my personal comfort was over! Facing continual infections due to friction, I sought out any kind of help! V Magic gave me back what comfort I missed.... And is such a blessing in my life! Thank you :)"

"I've struggled with such itches and endless pain down there that over the counter creams, prescription creams and everything medical had failed to heal. My doctor had no other help to offer me. So I started to researching on my own and found VMagic. I didn't know if it would help, as it's not a steroid cream and I was convinced my problems were beyond any natural healing. I was wrong! And I'm so glad! Its perfect concoction of anti-bacterial and super-fast healing magic left me with healing like I thought I'd never have. My pain is gone and the itch is gone. Sometimes it comes back, but with some VMagic cream, I can keep it from becoming what it was and be back to myself again."

"Our team at highly recommend this product as an all-natural soothing cream for sensitivities in the vulvar area including Vestibulitis (or Vulvar Vestibulodynia), the number one cause of penetration pain. Thank you Medicine Mamas Apothecary for this great product!"

"People I show Vmagic to are always asking me what the difference is between this and other bee products like Burts. The difference is that this has five ingredients that are all natural while other creams have 20+ and every other one is a known carcinogen."

"Absolutely amazing! Shaving the bikini area can be such a nightmare, especially for those with very, very sensitive skin. Using this after shaving is a life saver! No itching, no irritation, heals and keeps skin smooth and bump free. I have never found a thing that can even compare. You have produced the Holy Grail item for down there."

"This product has a variety of uses, all of which are very effective. The product is high quality and all natural. It erases razor burn and razor bumps within a few hours, and the soothing effect was immediate. Can be applied after waxing for soothing effect as well! Also helps with ingrown hairs that have become inflamed. Good for use after intimacy, as friction can leave sensitive skin irritated. Soothes and has antibacterial properties, great if you can’t shower immediately after. Good for use during intimacy, natural and organic lubricant. Much better than sticky, fake fruity smelling lubricant that’s full of chemicals. I definitely recommend, ladies. So give it a try!"

"I can’t thank you enough for creating VMagic! As a middle aged woman who’s gone through menopause, a hysterectomy and breast cancer, I thought my love life was all but over. My husband and I have tried many lubricants, none of which was satisfactory and some felt even scratchy and burny. I itched afterwards and felt scoured. What should have been a pleasure had turned into something to be endured. I also hated the thought of putting chemicals in such a sensitive and delicate area and wished that someone would make something natural that WORKED! I was at our local PCC health food market scanning the shelves on my way to checkout and I spotted VMagic. I hoped the V stood for what I thought it might and investigated more closely. Yes, it was meant for what I thought and I said, Why not try a jar, what have you got to lose? So I took it home and saved it for the weekend when we are not rushed and brought it out at the appropriate time. We both LOVE it. I am so much more comfortable now and he said it feels completely natural, like when I was young and that it’s the best stuff we’ve ever tried. I completely agree and won’t be using any other product ever again. We have found our Holy Grail and I will be telling all my friends and perhaps even supplying some of them with jars for Christmas! Even young women sometimes can use a little TLC in this area so I will be supplying my newlywed niece with a jar and even give some to my son and his fiancée. I can’t wait to try out more of your products. Thank you, thank you for VMagic, I feel young again!!!!!!"

"Thank you so much for making V magic. I had experienced post menopause severe dryness. This painful condition has been alleviated by using this excellent natural ointment. Whether it is the sea buckthorn, avocado, olive or bees wax (the bee honey also) it has transformed my health. Thank you again. You have made the world a healthier environment for women."


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