Let's Face It, Winter Is Coming!

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Brush your skin beautiful!

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Nightly Beauty Tricks That Speed Up Your Mornings

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner …

More than the perfect dress or killer shoes, kissable lips are the most important accessory for your Valentine's date night. Before you apply your perfect shade of soft pink or luscious red its important to soften, smooth and plump your lips...

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It’s Winter. Get Outside!

Winter may not be officially here, according to the calendar, but all over the country cold temperatures, brisk wind, freezing rain, and yes, SNOW! are already part of daily life.

Whether you are a hard-core winter warrior who loves to play and compete outdoors or you just spend winter going about your normal routine, dry, chapped skin is a fact of life when the cold weather hits. The cold and snow are hard on paws too. That’s why we offer Pet First – the same soothing, healing, organic, so-safe-and-natural-you-can-eat-it ingredients as Sweet Bee Magic – for pets...
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The Season For Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving has become a time for food and family, for football and shopping. But first, it’s a time for showing gratitude. (It’s right there in the name.) One of the best ways to do this is giving to others. This time of year especially, there is no shortage of organizations in need of money, time and items such as food and clothing...

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The Tao of a Stress-Free Holiday Season

With Halloween spirited away, Thanksgiving can’t be far behind. And then it is a mere hop, skip and a jump to the full-on holiday season. When most of the natural world is winding down for a long winter’s nap, we humans are gearing up for a marathon of entertaining, party going, recitals, gift buying, decorating, cooking and baking, cleaning and traveling.

All of this activity can be great fun, but it can also be stressful and exhausting. As always, the Medicine Mama’s way is to look to nature for answers. So, we ask, what would the bees do? ...

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Your Skin on Magic! No Tricks, Only Treats.

Home is our sanctuary and our base of operations. Because our homes are so important, we take steps to protect them in order to keep the elements out, and also to keep ourselves safe and healthy.

It turns out that honey bees do something similar, only instead of caulk and weather stripping, they use an ingenious natural substance: propolis - Nature’s most powerful medicine.

Here's why propolis, as well as all of the ingredients in Medicine Mama’s products, are carefully chosen and combined for their skin-loving properties. No tricks! ...

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Be really good at 1 thing (Okay, 3 Things!)…

We asked and you answered.

Medicine Mama’s Apothecary is your committed partner in meeting all of your beauty and skin care needs. We want you to experience the biggest benefits from using our products and feel great about coming back to us again and again. This is your naturally beautiful skin community. We are YOUR people!

Here’s a snapshot of what we learned from you...

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Fall into Beautiful Skin!

Around here, when it comes to amazing natural skin care, we believe Mother Nature knows best. Nothing happens in nature by accident; everything has a purpose. Just look at how diligently Nature prepares in fall for the upcoming winter by exfoliating and nourishing herself.

What can we learn from this? ...
Posted by Carly Koerner on 07 October, 2015 1 comment | Read more →
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