Let Your Skin Breathe

Why do people keep telling me my skin needs oxygen? I’m breathing aren’t I? Today I’m going to explain what oxygen skin care is all about and why we need to do more than just breath to oxygenate our skin.

Oxygen skin care is based on the premise that natural oxygen increases skin cell metabolism. All cells require natural oxygen. Oxygen has proven benefits for the skin.  Oxygen stimulates the body's natural healing function. It's anti-inflammatory and also stimulates collagen production. Oxygen also has antibacterial properties. Our skin needs more oxygen than is already available to us from breathing because our air is compromised with pollution.  We are not breathing the same air that our grandparents breathed. Also we put our bodies through a lot of stress, lack of sleep, and poor diet choices. Lifestyle changes like good old-fashioned exercise can do wonders for your health and your skin. Exercise brings fresh, oxygenated blood to the cells all over the body. But for a quicker and easier solution many supplements and products have harnessed the powers of oxygen to deliver it straight to our skin.

Medicine Mama’s favorite quick drink of pure and potent Oxygen is liquid chlorophyll.

Liquid chlorophyll increases red blood cells and the quality of red blood cells in the body. Therefore it increases oxygen being delivered to all your cells — skin included. Liquid chlorophyll is also alkaline, so it's better for your body's health and high in antioxidants, making it an anti-inflammatory.

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